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Archive for December 2017

¿Cuánto se le paga a una substituta por alquilar su vientre?

Descubriendo los Costos del Proceso de Maternidad Substituta Los pagos realizados un substituto bajo un contrato de maternidad substituta dependerán de muchos factores. Sé que esto realmente no ayuda mucho cuando se desea preparar un presupuesto para la maternidad substituta, sin embargo, algunas consideraciones que entran en juego para todo el proceso incluyen: si se…

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How much does a surrogate get paid to be a surrogate?

Clic aquí para leer en Español Uncovering the Costs of the Surrogacy Process The payments to a surrogate under a surrogacy contract will depend on many factors. I know this doesn’t really help when you want to prepare a budget for surrogacy, however, some considerations that come into play for the entire surrogacy process include:…

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Caution to Surrogacy Agencies

Insurance Dispute Involving Surrogacy Agency In December 2017, there was a recent report of a California surrogacy agency’s commercial liability policy denying coverage to defend a negligence action against the surrogacy agency for a lawsuit brought by intended parents who sued the agency because their child was born with a rare eye disease. The reason…

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Preguntas más Frecuentes acerca de la Maternidad Substituta y la Donación de Óvulos en la Florida

Como abogada especializada en Maternidad Substituta en la Florida, recibo algunas de las mismas preguntas sobre el tema varias veces. Pensé que sería conveniente y útil compartir algunas de esas preguntas más frecuentes sobre este proceso: ¿Puedo usar un vientre substituto para “mantener mi figura”? La revista Elle creó la frase “substituto social” llamando a…

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Florida Egg Donation Laws

Clic aquí para leer en Español Florida Egg Donor Law: Egg donation in Florida is governed by Florida Statutes Section 742.14 which provides: 742.14 Donation of eggs, sperm, or preembryos.—The donor of any egg, sperm, or preembryo, other than the commissioning couple or a father who has executed a pre-planned adoption agreement under s. 63.213, shall…

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What To Look For When Selecting a Florida Surrogate

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Clic aquí para leer en Español When going through the surrogacy process in Florida, there are many decisions to be made. One of the biggest and most important decisions is how to select your Florida surrogate. To find your surrogate, many parents use a Florida surrogacy agency that matches qualified surrogates with the parents. Some…

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Donación de Óvulos – Leyes de la Florida

Leyes de la Florida para el Donante de Óvulos: La donación de óvulos en la Florida es regida por la Sección 742.14 de la Ley de la Florida que estipula lo siguiente: 742.14 Donación de óvulos, esperma o pre-embriones – El donante de cualquier óvulo, esperma o pre-embrión, que no sea la pareja comisionada o…

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Resources for Emotional Issues Involved with Infertility and Surrogacy

Having personally gone through 5 years of infertility before having my children through a gestational surrogate, I understand that the IVF process can take a toll emotionally, physically, financially, and just overall consume one’s life. At times, you can feel like you are the only person experiencing difficulty having children, especially in light of social…

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