Do egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors, and surrogates need their own attorney?

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YES! Importance of Surrogates or Donor Having an Independent Third Party Assisted Reproductive Attorney In any surrogacy or donation of genetic material matter in the United States, the standard arrangement is for the intended parent(s) to have an attorney to draft the applicable agreement based on the applicable state law. International intended parents may also have…

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Book Club Questions for “Donor 9623” Podcast and Sperm Donation in Florida

Florida law specifically governs sperm donation. Florida Statute 742.14 sets out a legal framework regarding sperm donation, however, proper documentation and other best practices such as a mental health evaluation of the parties involved is necessary to ensure that the sperm donation is performed properly.  A large part of the litigation in Florida regarding third party…

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Marla Neufeld Panelist for University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society’s Panel on Family Formation

On October 13, 2020, Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, joined on a distinguished panel for the University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society Panel on Family Formation Panel. The presentation was a great overview of some of the emerging legal issues in Florida that relate to family formation within the…

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