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Annuity Quotes

Article provided by: WePayMore Funding LLC

Annuity Quotes

How Hard is it to Compare Annuity Quotes?

It can be a complicated process understanding the legal and professional context of annuity quotes, but that shouldn't keep you from performing research when looking for the highest payout for the sale of your annuity. Look for a company that tries their best to simplify the language and help you understand what you're getting out of the transaction. At WePayMore Funding, we don't try to confuse our clients with complex paperwork and long calculations- we simply offer the guaranteed highest payout for your annuity of any buyout company.

How Can I Compile Annuity Quotes?

You can put together a short list of companies who buy annuities and start comparing quotes by calling around or by using website contact forms. Explain what you have for sale and request an offer for the partial or complete sellout of your annuity's payments. You should start seeing quotes come in within a day or two after providing that information. Expect the most money for your annuity when you speak with our team at WePayMore Funding. Our Best Price Guarantee is our promise that no other company will outbid our offer.

Can I Legally Sell My Annuity?

You can legally sell because your annuity belongs to you. Typically, there is a 10% fee you'll have to pay the IRS unless you are 59 1/2 years of age or qualify for one of the fee exemptions. Out staff at WePayMore Funding can help you take a closer look at these exemptions while you consider the sale of your annuity. Our primary focus of working with you is to help you receive the highest payout amount through the sale of your annuity. We'll do our part by paying up to 20% more cash than our competition. We have established a reputation for best practices based on our Best Price Guarantee and honesty in purchasing annuity payments.

Should I Sell My Annuity or Keep It?

The question of whether or not to sell an annuity is one that is personal and is based on your current financial situation. If you have buyer's remorse after purchasing an annuity, have experienced changes in your financial status, or need quick cash to fund a personal life event, selling early can help you get the money you need without having to depend on smaller monthly payments. Our experts at WePayMore Funding will help you analyze these aspects and many others while you consider moving forward with your annuity's sale. We'll only offer to buy your payments if it's in your best interest.

Why is it So Hard to Understand Annuity Quotes?

Annuity buyers complicate the process to confuse clients and force them to sell at a disadvantage, putting more money in their own pockets. At WePayMore Funding, we prefer to do things in an honest and transparent manner- offering a clear payout for your annuity that is typically 20% more than other offers you've seen. Our Best Price Guarantee is our certification that you'll take home more cash when you sell to us.


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Annuity Quotes
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