Surrogacy Attorney, Marla Neufeld, Co-Author of Article in New York Law Journal

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Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, contributed to an article recently published in the New York Law Journal, titled, It’s About Time…Now What? Moving Forward with New York’s Model Commercial Surrogacy Law. The article highlights the new laws in New York that govern surrogacy, egg donation, step parent adoption, and regulation over surrogacy agencies.  Ms. Neufeld…

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Single Fathers and Same Sex Fathers and Surrogacy in Florida

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If a single or same sex father is considering surrogacy, there are a few key elements to consider. For starters, the legal process itself varies from state to state. Before you get started, arm yourself with as much information as possible, In Florida, any hopeful father who wants to work with a surrogate to build…

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Marla Neufeld, Esq., Florida Surrogacy Attorney, Featured Speaker for BioJur

On February 5, 2021, Florida reproductive attorney, Marla Neufeld, was the presenting speaker for webinar regarding Florida laws on surrogacy, egg, sperm, and embryo donation. The event was hosted by Florencia Daud, an Argentine lawyer specializing in bioethics and reproductive technology law.  Ms. Daud co-founded BioJur, an organization in Argentina dedicated to educating people about…

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Florida Surrogacy Attorney Marla Neufeld Featured Speaker at Men Having Babies Southern Conference February 20, 2021

Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, Esq. is a longtime supporter of Men Having Babies.  Ms. Neufeld volunteers her legal services to the GPAP program to assist gay men in building their family via surrogacy and egg donation. For all Florida Men Having Babies conferences, Ms. Neufeld has been a featured speaker on the legal panel.…

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Do egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors, and surrogates need their own attorney?

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YES! Importance of Surrogates or Donor Having an Independent Third Party Assisted Reproductive Attorney In any surrogacy or donation of genetic material matter in the United States, the standard arrangement is for the intended parent(s) to have an attorney to draft the applicable agreement based on the applicable state law. International intended parents may also have…

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Book Club Questions for “Donor 9623” Podcast and Sperm Donation in Florida

Florida law specifically governs sperm donation. Florida Statute 742.14 sets out a legal framework regarding sperm donation, however, proper documentation and other best practices such as a mental health evaluation of the parties involved is necessary to ensure that the sperm donation is performed properly.  A large part of the litigation in Florida regarding third party…

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Marla Neufeld Panelist for University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society’s Panel on Family Formation

On October 13, 2020, Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, joined on a distinguished panel for the University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society Panel on Family Formation Panel. The presentation was a great overview of some of the emerging legal issues in Florida that relate to family formation within the…

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Important Legal Updates Impacting the LGBTQIA Community in Employment, Family, Immigration and Surrogacy Law

On August 20, 2020, Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, Esq., participated on a webinar at Greenspoon Marder, titled, “Important Legal Updates Impacting the LGBTQIA Community in Employment, Family, Immigration and Surrogacy Law”. Recently, the Supreme Court held that Title VII’s employment extended to gay and transgender employees. And while this has been needed and welcome…

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Can I make my surrogate have an abortion under Florida surrogacy laws?

Pursuant to Florida law (which stems from a woman’s right to make decisions that relate to her body), ultimately decisions relating to a surrogate’s body, such as having an abortion or not, are the surrogate’s decisions to make. Contractually pursuant to a gestational surrogacy agreement, a surrogate may agree to defer to the intended parents’…

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