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Maternity Leave for Surrogacy

By Marla Neufeld | July 27, 2018

When a surrogate leaves her job to deliver the baby or misses work to attend numerous doctor appointments, should she get maternity leave benefits from her employer even though she is not the legal parent of the child? Should the intended parents receive maternity leave benefits from their employer when the child is born even…

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Florida Laws on Embryo Donation

By Marla Neufeld | July 23, 2018

Embryo donation in Florida is governed by the same laws that govern egg and sperm donation. The Florida embryo donation law provides as follows: 742.14 Donation of eggs, sperm, or preembryos.—The donor of any egg, sperm, or preembryo, other than the commissioning couple or a father who has executed a preplanned adoption agreement under s. 63.213,…

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Florida Supreme Court Rules in Favor or Biological Parents, Over the Marital Presumption

By Marla Neufeld | July 23, 2018

Florida, like many states, has a legal presumption dating back to common law principals that a child born into a marriage is presumed to be the child of the married couple. The basis of this presumption was founded on it being in a child’s best interest if a child is born into an intact marriage. Prior…

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Marla Neufeld Featured Speaker at Men Having Babies Conference

By Marla Neufeld | June 12, 2018

Since 2005, Men Having Babies (MHB) has hosted monthly workshops and the annual NY Men Having Babies seminar provided hundreds of gay men a comprehensive overview of surrogacy by panels of experts and peers. June 9-10th, Men Having Babies hosted their first ever South Florida workshop where issues of gay parenting were discussed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.…

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Daily Business Review Names Marla Neufeld as Most Innovative Practice group winner of 2018

By Marla Neufeld | May 22, 2018

What an honor to be named by the Daily Business Review as this year’s most innovative practice group winner for their Professional Excellence awards. The infertility journey that my husband and I experienced was very difficult, but I’m really proud to have turned it into a complete passion reflected in the legal work that I…

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Babies Conceived After The Death of A Parent – What to Consider with Posthumous Conception in Florida

By Marla Neufeld | May 15, 2018

Consider this scenario. A husband and wife prepare reciprocal wills where a portion of the estate goes to their “issue”. The couple while undergoing IVF, freezes and stores unused embryos for future use. Following the death of the husband, the wife, who then remarried, utilizes the frozen embryos and gives birth to twins years after…

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