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Shawn Paschall at Cole Paschall Law is a leading drug charge attorney in Fort Worth with years of experience and a pristine track record. Shawn has helped his clients receive reduced fines and sentencing using his excellent ties with the prosecution attorneys.

Importance of hiring an attorney for a drug crime

Criminal defense is not as simple as you may think, as it includes intricate aspects and details that regular individuals can't possess. Hiring one of the drunk driving attorneys in Fort Worth, TX, can help you negotiate deals with prosecutors and arrange for reduced charges and lesser sentences. It's also worth remembering that prosecution lawyers are rarely cooperative with self-represented defendants.

Not to mention, a lawyer can help you cope with feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and fear. More importantly, working with one of the best DUI attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas, can formulate sentencing programs and tailor them to your specific needs, helping you prevent future brushes with the criminal justice system.

What we're the best DUI law firm?

Our attorneys, Cole Casey and Shawn Paschall, specialize in DUI cases and possess several years of experience in the field. Their in-depth knowledge of the Texas DUI laws helps our clients stand a better chance at avoiding a DUI conviction.

Our lawyers have a reputation for winning DUI cases and possess first-rate communication skills. With an exceptional track record, commendable trial experience, and a spotless ethical record, we are the best criminal defense law firm in Fort Worth.

Public defenders vs. private lawyers

Both public defenders and private lawyers are criminal defense lawyers who fight for your rights and help you receive a reduced sentence. Here's what differentiates public defenders from private Fort Worth DWI lawyers:

  • Public Defenders

As a criminal defendant, you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford to hire your own attorney, the judge will appoint an attorney for you from the public defender's office. Public defenders handle several criminal cases, including DUIs, making them experts at DUI law and defenses. They also possess good trial skills as they take a fair share of their lawsuits to trial.

While public defenders have excellent connections with the district attorneys and judges, their large caseloads prevent them from devoting their full attention to each case in particular. Not to mention, a public defender's representation is within the criminal court, meaning you have to deal with the DMV proceedings on your own.

  • Private Defenders

Private DWI attorneys in Ft. Worth represent you in DMV proceedings, as well as in the criminal court. While some defendants may find the price to be a drawback when hiring one of the top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Fort Worth, working with a private DUI attorney can be well worth it. Hiring a private DUI lawyer can cost you between $1,000 and $5,000, with a financial increase should your case go to trial.

Reach us at 817-477-4100 to schedule a free consultation with Shawn Paschall, the best drug charge attorney in Fort Worth. Cole Paschall Law is the #1 law firm in Forth Worth, Texas, with numerous positive reviews and a brilliant panel of defense attorneys.

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