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Family Law Attorney Wexford

The decision to end your marriage is never an easy one. You may be going through a lot of emotional turmoil. You need to choose a compassionate family law attorney in Wexford to protect your rights. In Pennsylvania, parties may opt for a no-fault divorce or may request a divorce on grounds such as abandonment, adultery, imprisonment or others. When a couple goes through a divorce they need to try to agree to settlement terms.

Settlement Terms of Divorce

In Pennsylvania, marital property is to be divided equitably between spouses. First, you must determine and list your marital property along with its value. Then, you can more easily divide it between parties. In addition to the assets, you must also distribute debts or liabilities.

Additional settlement terms include child custody arrangements, visitation and child support as well as alimony. These issues can become difficult to resolve, especially when spouses are clearly not communicating very well. A family law attorney in Wexford will help resolve these issues and will work to create a settlement agreement that is fair.

Resolving Disputes

It is common to have disputes over some of the most emotionally charged issues of the divorce such as children and finances. Even spouses who start the divorce on amicable terms may find that the situation turns acrimonious. One spouse or the other may dig in their heels on certain issues, especially if they start to feel that the settlement is unfair.

It is important to understand that marital property generally includes any assets or property that you purchased after you were married. There are just a few exceptions to marital property rules. Gifts that were given to just one spouse or inheritances are not included in marital property. Neither is property that you owned alone before you got married.

Your attorney will discuss the issues, answer your questions and assist in the process so that it is easier and less stressful. Even some of the most difficult divorces can be resolved with an experienced family law attorney in Wexford. Sometimes a collaborative law resolution is the best option.

Collaborative Law

If parties cannot reach an agreement the court may require them to participate in mediation or the judge may make a decision. Collaborative law allows both spouses to participate in resolving divorce disputes without having the court make decisions. This option is generally more favorable to both parties because it allows them to voice their concerns and needs as far as the terms of the settlement.

You can get the support and guidance you need during this tumultuous time from a skilled family law attorney in Wexford. Your lawyer will stand by your side and will always try to achieve the best possible results. You deserve to be treated fairly in a divorce and at the same time, you want what’s best for your children. Your lawyer understands the legal process as well as the emotional difficulties that you are facing at this time. You can count on your lawyer to represent your needs and to negotiate to resolve disputes and achieve a settlement that is agreeable.

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Family Law Attorney Wexford
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