Finalizing Parental Rights After International Surrogacy

Surrogacy is such an incredible option for individuals or families looking to start or build a family. Florida is a surrogacy friendly state since the regulations for surrogacy are established by law and many people from around the county and the world come to Florida to use a surrogate. Some people also travel outside of the United States to countries like India and Mexico to use surrogates. When considering using an international surrogate in any capacity, you need to discuss with your reproductive technology lawyer the logistics of placing the parents' names on the birth certificate (and removing the surrogate's name from the birth certificate), and discuss with your immigration lawyer the logistics of having the child's citizenship be established in your home country. When conducting any form of international surrogacy, discuss all legal implications at the beginning of the journey to avoid any pitfalls once the child is born, either relating to parental rights or immigration matters.

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