Florida Surrogacy and Reproductive Technologies Lawyer

Marla Neufeld, Esq., third party assisted reproductive lawyer, personally experienced years of infertility and ultimately used a gestational surrogate to build her family. Marla is honored to represent married couples (heterosexual and same sex) and individuals seeking to utilize various third party assisted reproductive technologies focusing her legal practice on surrogacy, egg/sperm/embryo donation, and adoptions. Marla is a published author on assisted reproductive technology by the American Bar Association and treats each client with her own infertility experience in mind to guide clients through the legal process. Free initial consultations are available upon request.

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Most standard adoptions in Florida are a two-step process, first, termination of parental rights of the birth parent(s) (except in Second Parent Adoption) and, second, adoption of the child...

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Egg, Sperm, Embryo Donation

Egg, sperm, and embryo donation services. The donation of eggs, sperm and embryos are governed by Florida Statute 742.14. The statute expressly provides...

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Gestational surrogacy and pre-planned adoption agreements. Both a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (only for use by legally married heterosexual and same-sex couples in Florida)...

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