How do I apply for a social security card for my newborn born via surrogacy during COVID-19 closures?

Typically in a surrogacy context, the hospital will not submit paperwork to the Social Security Administration because they do not want to link the surrogate to the baby when the social security number is issued. In non-COVID times, after the baby was born and the birth certificate was issued, the parents could go to a local social security office with the proper documents and apply for a social security card for the baby. More information on the importance of a social security card and the application process can be found HERE. Due to COVID, social security offices are closed. At least in Florida, social security offices have not been permitting in-person meetings to apply for a newborn social security card. An option for parents who want or need to apply for a social security number now is they will have to mail a package (which includes original documents) to a local security  office. Wait times are subject to change and can vary depending on the demands at the office and available staff, but as of mid July 2020, a local social security office said they will hold the original documents sent by the parents for 3-4 weeks from receipt, and then the social security card should be issued in approx. 2 weeks after documents are returned to the parents. It is recommended you call your local social security office to ensure the documents the particular office is going to request in advance of sending your package to social security. The documents requested by social security may different between a domestic intended parent and an international intended parent. Generally speaking, the documents required to submit to the social security office to process the newborn social security card includes:
  1. The Social Security Application (Form SS-5) signed by one of the parents on Line 17 in black or blue ink.
  2. An original form of ID for the parent signing the application (for example, valid Drivers license or passport). Important to note that they do require an original form of ID which will be at the office for a matter of weeks. International intended parents should call the local social security office to confirm what type of identification will be accepted.
  3. Original birth certificate of the baby
  4. Medical form: you must include au original medical form from the baby's pediatrician showing the baby's name and date of birth with an original signature of the doctor.
To locate a social security office near you, visit the SSA's field office locator.