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Long Term Disability NY

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Did you know that claiming for social security benefits includes more than 25 pages of complex legal paperwork? Reach out to National Disability Benefits today; we can optimize your chances of claiming what is rightfully yours. For long term disability in NY; call us today for a legal consultation.

Do I need professional help for claiming disability benefits?

The process of applying for SSD is tedious, time-consuming, and can require legal expertise. Although, you can file on your own, working with a disability lawyer can get the job done faster and make the whole process a lot easier. When you consult with an attorney regarding your social security benefits for disability, he can easily determine the programs you qualify for and the amount you may receive under the scheme.

The SSA denies more than 60% of disability claims each year. A disabilities attorney can work on your case diligently and avoid potential delays and denials. He can also make sure that your application has all the correct and precise information to ensure a greater success rate for you to win your case. Call us today or visit us online for legal advice on your case.

What are some of the qualifying disabilities for benefits?

If you feel that you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you should be suffering from one of the below-listed conditions. Some of the qualifying disabilities include:

  • Disabilities in the cardiovascular system, such as high blood pressure, blood clots, heart failure, etc.
  • Disabilities in the digestive system, such as Crohn’s disease, hepatitis, etc.
  • Disabilities in the endocrine system, such as thyroid disorders, obesity, etc.
  • Disabilities in the musculoskeletal system and respiratory system
  • Mental disabilities, disorders, and illnesses
  • Neurological illnesses, skin disorders, impairments in sight, speech and hearing, etc.

The list mentioned above is from the blue book that the Social Security Administration uses as a reference to determine its applicants’ eligibility for benefits. However, the above list is only a gist; there are a lot of other disabilities that are eligible for benefits under this scheme. If you're struggling with a long term disability in NY, Call us today to know if your disability qualifies for benefits.

The application process for Social Security Benefits

The Social Security’s Administration allows its users to either make an online application or make an appointment with the SSA to apply in person. The number of applications that SSA receives each year is humongous that the department follows a rigorous streamlining process before qualifying its applicants for benefits.

More than half of the claims applications are denied and rejected due to minute errors in the application. If you've already applied and want to appeal a rejected claim, we can fight for your claim at a federal court and make sure you win.

Try the free evaluation on our website to self-evaluate your eligibility for disability benefits. To have a highly successful attorney work on your case of long term disability in NY, reach out to National Disability Benefits today.

Long Term Disability NY
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