Marla Neufeld Featured on the Blog, Three Under 2

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, the blog, Three Under 2 shared my story on the steps of surrogacy.
Three under 2 is a blog written by a mother of three (under the age of 2), Sofia Mishaan-Silberman , who had her own personal experience with infertility and shared her story to help others going through the process. The Three Under 2 Foundation was created to help women suffering infertility by providing them with guidance, support, and resources to accompany them throughout this journey
Sofia co-authored the book, Who The @#$%! AM I?: Dealing with the emotionally demanding road of IVF, which is an awesome resource for those looking for emotional guidance when going through the IVF process.
CLICK HERE to read Marla's article on the surrogacy process.