Marla Neufeld Panelist for University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society’s Panel on Family Formation

On October 13, 2020, Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, joined on a distinguished panel for the University of Miami School of Law’s Child Advocacy & Family Law Society Panel on Family Formation Panel. The presentation was a great overview of some of the emerging legal issues in Florida that relate to family formation within the Florida foster care, adoption, and surrogacy context. The presenters discussed recent and anticipated case law and proposed legislation impacting family formation such as the possibility to legalize third parent adoptions in Florida. The University of Miami students asked wonderful questions to the panelists such as legal challenges the professionals face in family building, and what advice the professionals give to law students entering the legal workforce. Sample questions from the panel included: What are some of the common legal issues that arise around surrogacy? Are the rules different from LGBTQ+ couples using surrogacy? What are common challenges that arise in adoption cases? Are these certain characteristics of an adoption that make it more difficult than others? What do you see for the future of family law? What types of issues are becoming increasingly popular or relevant?