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Memphis Car Wreck Settlement

Car wreck settlements have two major concerns – the time of completion and amount of the agreement. The reason for wanting the information has absolutely nothing to do with greed and everything to do with gaining peace of mind. You want to put the entire event behind you and resume a life that is as normal as it could get. It is paramount to understand the possible glitches that will affect each case before raising or lowering your expectation.

The complete guide of a Memphis car wreck settlement

Settlements differ

Settlements depend on plenty of influential factors. The firm will consider the type of accidents such as the following before beginning the process:

  • General auto accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Side impact accidents
  • Hit and runs
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Public transport accidents

Another condition is the severity of the injuries. Minor injuries attract small compensations and vice versa. We give equal attention to all types of damages and monetary rewards.

The insurance company is business-minded

Sadly, insurance firms will negotiate for the lowest possible coverage even when the client did not fault in the accident. It goes a long way to have an attorney assist you in reading the fine print and working out a reasonable compensation plan. We understand the law and do wish that you continue to suffer because of simple monetary complications.

We will not accept the first offer without considering all the other possible quotations. You can ask our lawyers to renegotiate an initial settlement before signing the dotted line.

Medical records

Do not fall into the urge of accepting compensations without getting a full report of your medical condition. Check about the official status of your body to determine the extent of the damage. A doctor will detect hidden issues with the neck, knee, back, and other bone structures. Get full documentation of all injuries to help Porter Law firm’s attorneys with laying the proper claim.

Check the accident report

The police have a copy of the documented accident report. The attorney will review the report and check for mistakes and inaccurate details. In the case of a faulty accident report, we will help you acquire the right settlement before proceeding to commit.

The period for the claim’s maturity

Insurance companies deal with many settlement cases and may require extra time process your money. More substantial amounts require longer, possibly months. Other insurance firms will pay large sums in periodic settlements.

Contingency fees

The Porters law firm will get their pay from the settlement fund. This setup means that we will not get any money if you do not get your settlement. Additionally, the due amount will be a percentage and not a permanent quotation.  


The money you receive from a Memphis car wreck settlement is liable for tax deductions. The fee will be on the emotional stress and lost wages, while medical services and physical injuries will be tax-free. The received amount will, however, remain adequate to cover your fundamental concerns in life.


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