Overview of Embryo Donation with Deb Roberts from Embryo Connections and Florida Reproductive Attorney, Marla Neufeld, Esq.

Embryo donation is an increasingly popular option for those wanting to build a family. With the improved technology of embryo freezing, embryo donation creates incredible opportunities for those finished with their embryos to donate them to someone else in need. This webinar addresses the legal issues in Florida that arise in embryo donation and the typical steps involved in an embryo donation starting from the match process between the embryo donor(s) and the intended parent(s), the medical and psychological testing, and the legal process required before the donation can take place. Each embryo donation is unique and this webinar highlights some of the nuances that arise in embryo donation such as the legal of communication between the parties once the donation takes place. To watch the webinar on Florida embryo donation and the embryo donation process, CLICK HERE.