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Pi Attorney Louisville Ky

Were you injured in an accident? Do you continue to feel the after-effects from that accident? Get the additional monetary support you deserve! Call Winton & Hiestand Law Group today! We will get you the money you need to cope with these devastating injuries. You will have representation from the best pi attorney in Louisville, KY.

What is a PI Attorney?

PI stands for a personal injury attorney. A lawyer working under this umbrella represents clients in a variety of cases.  A PI attorney can help both plaintiffs and defendants. Any circumstances where a person sustains an injury falls under the heading of a personal injury case. The goal is to prove the negligence and that the plaintiff deserves monetary compensation for their pain and suffering. The style of cases you may see as a PI attorney are as follows:

  • Car accidents
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Host liability issues
  • Negligence

These are just several of the countless types of cases that PI attorneys try and defend.  The banner of personal injury is quite large, so many things can fall underneath this style of law.

Facts about personal injury law cases

Some things are common misconceptions about personal injury law. One of the biggest misconceptions is that PI cases move quickly. That is false. Personal injury cases take time. There are a voluminous amount of motions from both parties and vast sums of discovery files. Some of these files could be medical files. It takes time to sort through what could be thousands of documents. It could even take three years to have the case heard.

Others are under the misconception that the cases make you wealthy. That is also not correct. If you win a large verdict, you do not keep all that money. Once you win, that is when your attorney takes their payment and fees. Lots of individuals can not afford to pay their attorneys upfront, so they work under the premise that they get all their fees out of your settlement. A PI attorney receives a portion of the settlement anyway. If they get their fees out of your compensation, you could walk away with something in the range of 50% or show of the awarded amount.

Our pi attorney in Louisville can discuss payment options with you when you meet us for your consultation.

Why hire a PI?

There are not many legal situations where an individual should try to represent themselves. A personal injury suit is absolutely not the case to try without legal assistance! There is always minutiae involved in legal matters. In a PI case, one of the parties could be an insurance company. Insurances companies employ lawyers who work to avoid paying large sums for claims. That isn’t a battle a legal novice should try fighting. Hire a professional to ensure your settlement is fair.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Call Winton & Hiestand Law Group today for your consultation. Our first-class PI attorney in Louisville will get you the settlement you deserve.

Pi Attorney Louisville Ky
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