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Same Sex Surrogacy 101: What You Need To Know

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Same Sex Surrogacy 101: What You Need To Know

same sex surrogacyFor any couple of any sexual orientation or gender identity, surrogacy is a major decision that comes with many details with which the parents must be familiar. While same sex surrogacy is largely the same as surrogacy with straight parents, there are some important considerations for LGBT couples. Know these basics of the surrogacy process for same sex couples and you will be ready to begin the wonderful process of having a child through surrogacy.


Decide Who Will Provide The Genetic Link


The biggest difference in same sex surrogacy from heterosexual surrogacy is that the parents need to determine who will be giving their sperm or egg for the process. For gay couples, one or both partners could provide a sperm sample. When a couple chooses to both give their sperm, the doctor fertilizes multiple eggs for implantation, which allows either or both parents to be the biological father of the child. For lesbian couples, the egg retrieval process is a bit more difficult, so one parent would choose to use her egg and that would be fertilized and implanted in the surrogate.


Choose A Donor And Surrogate


It is possible to work with an agency to have an anonymous egg or sperm donor, but LGBT couples often choose to work with an identified donor to go through the surrogacy process. While society at large is much more accepting of same sex couples, there can be some prejudice and it can be beneficial for a couple to know that their donor supports them. Working with a surrogate who is enthusiastic about carrying a child for a same sex couple is important as well, so that everyone can be on the same page during the process.


Know Surrogacy Law In Your State


Laws surrounding surrogacy for any couple vary from state to state, with some states not recognizing surrogacy contracts at all. With LGBT surrogacy, there is the possibility of having to go through an additional legal process so that both partners are recognized as parents of the child. Be sure to work with trusted and experienced same sex surrogacy lawyers so that you do all the necessary steps to have legal rights over your child.


Surrogacy is usually a pricey process, and for gay men it typically costs anywhere between $100,000 and $200,000. Check off all the boxes that you need to so that none of the money goes to waste and that you get to the end of the process with your perfect, happy family.