Single father teachings other dads how to style their daughters’ hair

Taking care of a young girl is tough. But figuring out how to style her hair in a fashionable way adds another challenging layer to the mix. Move over hair clips, here comes a three strand braid. A single father in Florida is teaching other dads how to style their daughters' hair in his unique class, "Daddy Daughter Hair Factory". "And now, the Internet is going crazy with these sweet photos, receiving more than 2.3 million views, and there’s a big reason why. Due to the rise of the single mom, making up a quarter of all households in the U.S., more single-parent resources are available than ever before — and that is a great thing. But there’s an alarming tip in the balance. Far and wide, most resources available for single parents, like grants, housing, blogs, community groups, and Facebook support groups, are targeted at single moms." It’s almost like the 8 percent of single dads don’t exist.   See some of his styles and skills by clicking here.