Surrogacy Lawyer, Marla Neufeld, Speaker at the 20th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law, “Third Party Assisted Reproduction and Health Law Implications,” ABA Health Law Section, March 13-16, 2019, Orlando, Florida

I will be speaking at the 2019 ABA Health Law Section meeting in Orlando, Florida in March 2019. The topic I will be speaking on involves regulatory and privacy issues in Assisted Reproductive Technology. The American Bar Association panel is called , "Emerging Privacy and Regulatory Issues in Assisted Reproductive Technologies” Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has helped millions of people have children and is an area ripe with opportunity for technological expansion, but it also presents regulatory and privacy challenges. ART is subject to varying levels of regulation at the state and federal level along with self-imposed best practices. In addition, a tremendous amount of personal information - mostly sensitive - is collected and used in the course of providing ART to individuals, particularly when reproductive health mobile apps are used by consumers. Such regulatory and privacy issues will be addressed from the perspective of a health care lawyer, third party assisted reproductive lawyer, and reproductive physician, and this session will address: -Overview of the ART process -State and federal regulation of ART, along with industry established self-regulation practices  -Data protection and privacy issues  -Applicability of HIPAA  -Cyber security issues with reproductive technology mobile apps  -Medical perspective regarding ART regulation, including FDA and other compliance issues The ABA Health Law Section Emerging Issues Conference is the premier annual event for health care lawyers. As the health care law industry undergoes change and continues to develop with healthcare reform and enforcement, this conference presents an incredible opportunity to stay ahead of the trends. On the panel, I will be joined by  health care lawyer, Kim Gold, speaking about topics such as HIPPA impacts on third party assisted reproduction, along with reproductive doctor, Dr. Sharon Jaffe, who will discuss the impacts of how regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, impact her practice from the medical  perspective.