Marla Neufled Presents the "ART" of Babymaking for Florida Association of Women Lawyers

Surrogacy lawyer, Marla Neufeld, presents her continuing legal education class called "The ART of Family Building" to the West Palm Beach chapter of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers. The outline of the presentation is below. Please contact Marla Neufeld if you are interested in her presenting this material to your group or organization!

The “ART” of Family Building –

Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) Law Presentation

By: Marla Neufeld, Esq

I. Introduction to Marla Neufeld and Her Personal Experience with infertility/surrogacy

II. Why is ART law increasing in demand?

III. Introduction to Surrogacy

a. Surrogacy Process Generally

b. Florida Statute on Gestational Surrogacy Agreements

c. Florida Statute on Pre Planned Adoption Agreements

i. Same Sex Couples Utilization of Second Parent Adoptions following Pre

Planned Adoption Agreements

IV. Introduction to Embryo, Egg and Sperm Donations

a. Florida Statute on Embryo, Egg, and Sperm Donations

b. Recent case law on Florida’s donation statute

V. Finalizing Parental Rights with Surrogacy

VI. Constitutional Framework with ART law

a. Interplay Between State and Federal Law

b. Constitutional issues and Interplay with Surrogacy Agreements

VII. Impacts of ART law on Other Practice Areas

a. Family law and Trust and Estates

i. Disposition of stored/frozen genetic material and Florida Statute related to


ii. Posthumously conceived children and impacts on trust documents

b. Insurance

c. Tax

d. International

e. Tort/Personal Injury

With Marla’s personal journey with infertility and use of a gestational surrogate, she is able to take her legal background and combine it with her compassion and understanding of the surrogacy process by helping others start a family using the available third party reproductive technologies and adoption laws in Florida. Marla is an attorney in Greenspoon Marder’s Family Law practice group.


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