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When you are experiencing problems with immigration you need help from the top immigration lawyers in California. There are many different issues that are related to immigration that may require legal assistance. Some of the types of immigration issues may include visas, asylum, deportation, citizenship and federal appeals. When you have any kind of immigration problem you need to speak with some of the top immigration lawyers in California.

Assistance with Visas

There are many various categories of visas for immigrants to the United States. In some cases you may qualify for more than one type of visa. The top immigration lawyers in California will assess your particular situation and help determine which type of visa you should seek. It is essential to complete the application process properly and submit your request so that it will not be held up or denied. In addition to providing a completed application you must include all of the required documentation in order to progress through the system.

Temporary or permanent visas may be allowed for entertainers, athletes and artists under visa categories O, P and Q. Industry specialists may apply for permanent residence status, also known as a green card. Some of the careers that might qualify for these types of visas include actors, cinematographers, directors, designers and others. Another type of visa, the EB5, is an employment-based visa. Currently, the United States allows 10,000 immigrants annually on EB5 visas. To qualify you must be an investor or entrepreneur and meet specific requirements.

Help with Citizenship and Naturalization

Many immigrants that enter the United States have a dream of becoming a United States citizen. There is a path to citizenship for many immigrants who meet the criteria. Even if you feel you do not meet the requirements you should discuss the matter with tip immigration lawyers in California. There may be options available that allow some requirements to be waived. The process can be difficult and complex so it is helpful to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer before you determine how to proceed. If you meet the requirements you may be able to become a naturalized citizen. Naturalized citizens are allowed most of the same rights as those who were born in the country.

Assistance with Federal Appeals

If your visa was denied you may be able to appeal the decision. A formal appeal process is in place with an administrative appeal to either the Administrative Appeals Office or the Board of Immigration Appeals. An appeal may be needed following decisions that involve reinstatements, removals, criminal charges and other issues. Your attorney will evaluate your needs and help you appropriately appeal your case. If you are facing a serious or urgent situation such as deportation, do not hesitate to get legal assistance.

Immigration is a complicated are of law and some of the processes can be lengthy. Get answers to your questions and the help you need with your situation with help from the top immigration lawyers in California. Contact Becraft Immigration Law today to discuss your case today.


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