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Embryo Disposition and Divorce in Florida

By Marla Neufeld | January 11, 2022

Across the nation there is various case law addressing disputes over embryos in the event of the parties divorce. Some states strictly follow the terms of the parties agreements as to the disposition of the frozen genetic material. Many states have found that embryos should remain frozen until the parties reach a mutual consent as…

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By Marla Neufeld | January 6, 2022

Lawyers should not give medical advice. Doctors should not give legal advice. But it can be helpful when each respective professional gives a “heads up” on the relevant legal/medical issues so that the patient/client can seek out professional guidance from a lawyer or doctor, as applicable. For examples, lawyers for many reasons, never should give…

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Mosaic Embryos and Florida Surrogacy

By Marla Neufeld | October 20, 2021

As a Florida surrogacy attorney, I am not going to get into the medical jargon of what a mosaic embryo is, however, as a simplified explanation, a mosaic embryo is one that is genetically tested and the testing shows an abnormal result for the embryo, referred to as “aneuploid”, however such abnormality does not necessarily…

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COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant People to Prevent Serious Illness, Deaths, and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes from COVID-19

By Marla Neufeld | October 1, 2021

As we all know, COVID has had global impacts which have not spared the surrogacy industry. The decision on whether one should receive a COVID vaccine is personal and everyone has different options on their comfort level with receiving the COVID 19 vaccine. Surrogacy agreements address numerous issues surrounding COVID and the impacts on the…

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International Air Travel Ban Lifted for Vaccinated Intended Parents as of November 2021

By Marla Neufeld | September 21, 2021

Since essentially the start of the COVID pandemic, international travel bans have been in place from 33 countries making it challenging for international intended parents from around the world to fly from foreign countries to the United States to be here for the delivery of their baby. Intended parents were many times required to obtain…

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What are complications/challenges uniquely facing LGBTQ(+) individuals/partners seeking to contract with or act as a surrogate?

By Marla Neufeld | September 14, 2021

I was recently asked the following question by a law student and I wanted to share my general response since it was such a great question! The question presented was, “what are complications/challenges uniquely facing LGBTQ(+) individuals/partners seeking to contract with or act as a surrogate?” In Florida, same sex couples or individuals are able…

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