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How do I apply for a social security card for my newborn born via surrogacy during COVID-19 closures?

By Marla Neufeld | July 16, 2020

Typically in a surrogacy context, the hospital will not submit paperwork to the Social Security Administration because they do not want to link the surrogate to the baby when the social security number is issued. In non-COVID times, after the baby was born and the birth certificate was issued, the parents could go to a…

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Can I make my surrogate have an abortion under Florida surrogacy laws?

By Marla Neufeld | July 14, 2020

Pursuant to Florida law (which stems from a woman’s right to make decisions that relate to her body), ultimately decisions relating to a surrogate’s body, such as having an abortion or not, are the surrogate’s decisions to make. Contractually pursuant to a gestational surrogacy agreement, a surrogate may agree to defer to the intended parents’…

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New Florida case regarding same sex sperm donation showing importance of step/second parent adoptions

By Marla Neufeld | June 26, 2020

On June 12, 2020, the 5th District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida issued an opinion in Case Number 5D19-1525, Shealyn McGovern v. Jacqulyn Clark, regarding a dispute between a same sex couple having children together with the use of a sperm donor, and what happened to the parental rights of the couple…

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Why does a surrogate and egg/sperm/embryo donor need their own independent attorney?

By Marla Neufeld | June 25, 2020

Independent Lawyers for the Intended Parents and Surrogate or Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Donor In each United States surrogacy and egg/sperm/embryo donation matter, the intended parents have their own attorney in the United States to draft the applicable contract and handle other related matters such as filing parentage proceedings. Intended parents may also need an…

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Terminos usados en subrogacia

By Marla Neufeld | June 17, 2020

Terms Used in Surrogacy /Terminos usados en subrogacia Carrier/Surrogate/Surrogate Mother: We use these terms interchangeably. However, a general surrogate definition is a woman carrying a child for intended parents who are unable to build a family on their own. There are two types of surrogates: traditional surrogates and gestational surrogates. Portadora / Subrogada / Madre…

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Overview of Florida Surrogacy Laws

By Marla Neufeld | June 12, 2020

Each state has different laws regarding surrogacy. Some have very surrogacy friendly laws, like Florida’s surrogacy friendly laws, and some states either have no laws at all or have restrictive laws that make surrogacy legally risky for the parties. Florida surrogacy attorney, Marla Neufeld, can assist with any Florida surrogacy matter by either representing the…

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